Elegant Custom Made Frankie Tuxedo

Please read carefully our sizing instructions
Note: Frankie Tuxedo is Custom Made outfit. Please allow us 3-4 Business Days to get it sewed. We will try to accommodate any special requests you may have. Just write us and let us know. Thank You!

There’s really not much to say about Frankie Tuxedo that the pictures don’t convey. Sophisticated, elegant, fashionable, timeless black tuxedo perfect for Christmas, Holidays, Valentine’s Day, weddings, family portrait, “Oscar speeches ;)” or other special occasions/events all year round. A lot of attention was paid in the creation of this fabulous outfit to make sure that your pooch will look better in it than in anything else! 

Fashioned from a very high-quality fabric, comes with 3 interchangeable bow ties: white, red and black. And here is the surprise!!!: white sequin bow tie for Christmas, red sequin bow tie for Valentine’s Day and black bow tie for any special days (Birthday Parties, Weddings, Events etc.). All bow ties are detachable and soooooo easy to change because all of them have snap buttons. The outfit opens up on the front using a buttons closure.

So powerful and handsome!!! Woof! 

P.S. This Tuxedo is named after a fabulous paw-friend named Frankie because is exclusive as he is for us and for all people around him (you can find him on Instagram as @frankie.andme and his account is a "must to follow" for unique and funny daily pictures, - definitely the best one from Instagram). We are blessed and grateful to have such unique friends like Frankie and Mandii (his lovely Mom). People and Pups like you make the world beautiful!!! Thank You, dears!!!

Still not sure what size to order? Shoot us a note.

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