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About Elikko     

      Elikko’s Dog Clothes are being designed and created in MOLDOVA, a very nice Eastern European country, known in the whole world for its tasty wines, interesting traditions and skilled handicraftsmen. 

     It was a beautiful beginning of Spring 2016 when we decided to combine our love for animals with the Moldavian “golden hands” and create premium quality, original and unforgettable WOW-effect clothing for pets. Thus, we managed to make team with passionate people who are ready to pay great attention to every single detail and input their enthusiasm, creativity and care into each item that underlines the personality of our furry friends, without making them feel ridiculous.

Dog clothes

        We invest time and passion in every single garment and accessory, because Elikko is about “SINCERELY CARING WHAT YOUR DOG IS WEARING!

        From a blend of interesting fabric print we create clothes with fabulous handmade embellishments because we want your dog to look unique and special. We use the finest materials and test out all our models because we care about your dog’s comfort.

        We combine individual style with the sense of doggy-dignity (you might have already mentioned that it is not the fashion trends and people’s smile at a “dolly-pet” that make your dog happy, but the practical, perfectly fitted, seasonally adjusted clothes that help your furry friend run, sit, stand, walk, play and enjoy every moment). 

        We are ready to take all the effort needed to become a leader in designer handmade dog clothing and share a part of our benefit and love to homeless pets.

Clothes for Dogs
     We believe that dogs are our friends, they love us unconditionally and make our families stronger, more active and positive. That is why it is our moral duty to offer them something in return: good care, respect, comfort, something that would satisfy their needs and make them happy.

    This vision motivates and inspires Elikko team to create premium clothes that would protect furry family members in all seasons (wind or rain, cold or hot weather).

    We would be more than happy if you could share our belief and support us in our passionate and useful activity.

"Sincerely Caring what your Dog is Wearing" - Elikko Family

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